What is a Zoom Room and Why is it the Best Option These Days?

In recent years, Zoom has revolutionized the video conferencing environment thanks to a unique, cutting-edge product. We are talking about Zoom Rooms, a solution that enables high quality, real-time way of communication. This is itself our top choice if we really want to stand out, so we must know everything about it to understand what the fuss is about.


It is a combination of software and hardware technology created to make conference hosting and managing a lot easier. Basically, it represents an in the cloud safe digital space for data transmission and fast communication between different participants, regardless of their location, powered by specific devices that will vary according to our needs. 


Zoom Room technology is a step forward to create an innovative environment, where teams can come together, stay focus on the meeting, and eagerly express their opinion or ask any kind of questions. This means that we will be in a room integrated with smart solutions for the best-ever video conferencing experience.

As said before, the foundation of Zoom is cloud technology. However, we will rely on some physical gadgets to make communication possible between remote locations. So, the basic software and hardware kit must include the following elements:

  • A Zoom Room app for different devices, like a PC, a MAC computer, an iPad or an Android tablet. This is downloadable software needed for video and audio transmission. Also, this is where all our in the cloud information will be stored. 

Different hardware components, such as:

  • Conference room camera. From all the available choices in the market, we should choose an HD camera with 1080 capacity, optical zoom and support for wall mount.
  • Conference room speaker and mic. Some brands have created prepackaged solutions that include a microphone, a powerful speaker and a camera. 
  • A conventional desktop computer or laptop with a functional keyboard. After downloading the Zoom Room app, we will need a computer to run the initial setup. Also, this type of equipment allows full control of the app to make any changes we might need sometime later.
  • Touch controller. We are talking about an iPad or an Android Tablet. Through these devices, the host can invite more participants to join the meeting as well as mute and unmute each one of them for whatever reason.
  • Big screen displays. Large HDTV sets (45 to 80 inches, depending on the number of participants in the room) are the perfect kind of media for top quality broadcasting. In fact, Zoom’s cutting edge features and technology are meant for modern 4K TV panels, though a conventional full HD screen will be more than enough. Also, dual-screens are recommended for content display and screen share at the same time.


The answer is "of course!" and there are some reasons that explain it:

It saves a lot of time

After installing the software, we will get started faster than we think, even if it takes a little bit of time to get familiar with most features. Zoom Rooms allows easy and quick meeting scheduling from any device without wasting the time spent in any physical conference organization. This is a virtual, powerful, digital concept, so time will always be on our side. 

It allows better staff integration

 Thanks to Zoom Rooms no one will miss a single detail from any conference, even if they were not able to attend one of them. As everything is stored in the cloud, every participant may access the recorded meetings at any moment for a better understanding of the dealt topics. This process leads to better group integration, as everyone will be in sync with our brand’s vision and particular goals for every work plan. 

It goes beyond the “Smart Office” concept

 From the mid-90s to recent years, this concept has changed dramatically thanks to technology development. At first, the integration of the internet with office functions, such as email and instant messaging, was indeed a very important step forward to improve the digital workspace. 

Nowadays, this concept has evolved to the point that we can host meetings in real time through the latest technology available. Let’s forget for a moment about sending an email to wait minutes or hours for a response. Now, we can get all the information we need within seconds thanks to the Zoom Room concept. 

This wouldn’t have been possible without high-speed internet and advanced hardware and software. Furthermore, Zoom is the solution we are looking for to promote a more creative environment. Thanks to real-time interaction we can get the best out of brainstorming, straightforward audience participation and steady communication.

Zoom technology is the best choice to save valuable resources

Even if the budget invested in this solution (including every piece of hardware) might be substantial at first, it can’t be compared to the larger amounts of money we would spend on renting third-party conference rooms and equipment every time we need it.

So, what is a Zoom Room? It is definitely the best type of video conferencing technology we can choose. Its unique features and forefront concept will help us to achieve our goals in time while keeping our team together and satisfied. Zoom Rooms get us closer to the future by providing beneficial solutions for our company thanks to an innovative system able to get results in the shortest time possible.