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PoE Texas - PoE to Lightning Adapter
SKU: RED-1001

The Redpark Gigabit + PoE Adapter connects iPads and iPhones to ethernet and uses power over ethernet (PoE) to charge the device. This enables an iPad to receive both data and power over a single Ethernet cable when connected to a PoE-enabled switch or a PoE injector.

Q: What is the maximum bandwidth of the ethernet connection?
A: The Gigabit + PoE Adapter is a specialty form of USB 2 to Ethernet Adapter. It provides bandwidth up to 225 Mbps. The maximum bandwidth is dependent upon the USB sub-system in the iPad or iPhone.

Q: Can I share an iPad’s or iPhone’s cellular data connection over the ethernet connection?
A: Not currently. Perhaps a future version of iOS will support this.

Q: Does the Gigabit + PoE Adapter have a unique MAC address?
A: Yes. Each Adapter is programmed with a unique MAC address during the manufacturing process. The MAC address appears as the Serial Number in the Settings app. See General>Settings>About and select Gigabit + PoE Adapter.

Q: How much power does the Adapter draw?
A: The Gigabit + PoE Adapter is an 802.3(af) Class 0 device. It requires the PoE-enabled switch or the PoE injector to supply 15.4W.

Q: How much power is provided to the iPad?
A: Up to 2.1A (5V). This is enough to fully charge/power any model of iPad or iPhone.

Q: Can the Adapter operate without drawing power from a PoE-enabled switch or PoE injector?
A: No. The Gigabit + PoE Adapter is not able to draw power from the iPad. It must receive power from PoE.

Q: Can I connect the Adapter to any PoE-enabled switch or PoE injector?
A: You must use an switch or injector that provides 48V and 15.4W of power. The adapter will not work with injectors that supply 15V or 24V.

Q: Can any type of ethernet cable be used to connect the adapter to the PoE injector or PoE-enabled switch?
A: Use Cat5e, Cat 6 or Cat 6A cables. If the distance between the Adapter and the PoE power source is 100 ft or more, we recommend Cat 6A cables.

Q: Does the Adapter have LEDs to display network status?
A: Yes. There is a power LED as well as LEDs to display network link status and network activity.

Q: Why does the Adapter have a Micro B USB port instead of a Type A USB port?
A: The Type A USB port is used on devices that function as a USB Host. This Adapter functions as a USB device so it must use a Type B USB port. We chose a Micro B version in order to save space on the circuit board in the Adapter.

Q: What version of iOS is required?
A: iOS 10.0.x or later.

Q: What is the size of the Gigabit + PoE Adapter?
A: The Adapter is 3.25″ x 1.75″ x 1″.