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Poly Calisto P7200 Speakerphone with Bluetooth Connectivity
SKU: PLS-2328
Lease Option( $8.49 /month)

BLUETOOTH SPEAKERPHONE WITH FOUR DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONES Deliver premium sound in a small package enjoy effortless setup to start meetings fasterGet added security with a lockdown feature

USB transmit: Up to 11 KHz audio bandwidth; USB receive: Up to 14 KHz audio bandwidth; Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HSP): Up to 7 KHz audio bandwidth; Bluetooth Headset Profile (HSP): 3.5 KHz audio bandwidth; Four MEMS-directional microphone array provides 360 degree horizontal microphone pickup up to 10 ft./3.05 m. with NoiseBlock and reverb rejection

Four microphone directional array technology provides superior echo cancellation and full-duplex audio. NoiseBlock - Be heard clearly with noisy background distractions removed.

PC via USB; mobile phone via Bluetooth