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Vivo partners with organizations like yours to achieve desired business outcomes through superior collaboration.

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Vivo believes collaboration starts with the platform. We partner with the world’s leading collaboration software companies to give your teams the best collaboration experience available.

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There are endless IT hardware options on the market. We make it simple by cutting out the redundant options and only partnering with the top hardware manufacturers in the industry. Our AV experts help you find the hardware combination that solves your organization’s unique collaboration problems. 

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Whether you're looking for traditional A/V services or our unique Instant A/V service for expedited, affordable room bundles, a Vivo representative can find the right solution for your organization.

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Zoom Room Kit Builder

Customize Your Zoom Room in Four Easy Clicks. 

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Video Conferencing Assessment

Find your video conferencing fit.

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At Vivo, we believe that expertise matters. That's why our team is made up of experts from multiple industries. Our mission is to be the best in unified communications and cyber security so that you don't have to be.