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smarter Video conferencing systems have changed the way we interact with others. These technological solutions have enabled businesses and organizations to hold high-quality face-to-face meetings with partners and clients located in different places around the world.

However, when it comes to image quality and effective visual display, video conference cameras play a key role in enriching our meetings.

What's the Importance of Choosing the Right Video Conference Camera?

A video conference camera allows us to connect and interact with other users visually. In this sense, with an HD video, we can get to see the facial expressions of each participant, as well as observing their body language. This helps to make the meeting more human and inclusive.

For businesses and universities, a high-quality video conference camera improves effective collaboration between participants as they gain trust and, therefore, increasing team members' productivity due to better understanding among them.

Nevertheless, choosing the right video conference camera will depend on your meeting and business needs. Do you want it for a huddle room or a larger conference room? Does it have top-notch or smarter features? Do you need a video conference camera that pans around, tilts, or zooms in?

Features you Need to Consider for your Video Conference Camera

Image Quality and Frames Per Second

A video conference camera should stream and record crystal clear images. It does not matter if you are displaying your meeting on your desktop or HD screens; the clarity of pictures should look natural. For this reason, it is important to consider cameras with Full HD screen resolution (1920×1080 px).

Also, keep in mind how many frames per second records your camera. In this sense, for smooth and higher image quality, a range between 30 FPS and 60 FPS is the ideal.

Tracking capacity

Top-notch video conference cameras integrate automated technology that can detect and track active speakers within the meeting room. These cameras recognize the voice of participants and automatically zoom in on the person who is talking. Also, when the camera detects a larger group of speakers, it zooms out for a better panorama of the entire room.

Field of View (FOV)

Take into account if your video conference camera supports a full-view motion. It is not the same to choose a camera with a short field of view for small meeting rooms (60°) than selecting one with a wide FOV specialized for larger rooms (180°).

Even more, some video conference cameras can count faces, which means that they can detect room occupancy while recognizing faces in real-time. This data allows cameras to understand space usage better and, therefore, adapt the field of view according to your meeting room.


Choose a camera that provides smarter features to reduce image or video noise, customize the color for natural-looking results, correct the effects of backlighting, and optimize light balance for enhancing skin tones and facial features. Nowadays, you can find some video conference cameras that can distinguish between participants and background regardless of lighting conditions.

Best Smarter Video Conference Cameras

Thanks to technological advancements, we have access to more sophisticated and effective video conference cameras to elevate face-to-face communication. Take a look at some of the best features of the next top-notch video conference cameras.

Polycom EagleEye Director II

  • Dual-camera with 1080p resolution.
  • It comes with a tracking technology that automatically zooms in on active speakers without needing a remote control ―up to 10m.
  • Identifies the person speaking before displaying the video. In this case, participants don't see camera movements such as pan, tilt or zoom.
  • Use its two cameras in the same conference room to have different camera angles to optimize the meeting.

Polycom Studio

  • Plug-and-play video conference camera connectivity through USB.
  • Perfect for huddle rooms. Its audio technology cancels acoustic echo and provides full-duplex conversations.
  • Includes speaker tracking and automatic people framing.
  • 5x electronic zoom to an active speaker's face.
  • Wide 120-degree field of view supported by advanced technology that minimizes image distortion.
  • Enjoy a 4K resolution.

HuddleCamHD SimplTrack 2

  • Tracks people, using two lenses, at distances up to 50 feet away.
  • Compatible with online or cloud-based video conferencing software like Zoom, GoToMeeting and WebEx ―without using additional drivers.
  • Streams a clear video quality (1080p and 60 FPS).
  • Easily connect your camera through the USB 3.0 video.
  • It has a 60° field of view.

Huddly IQ

  • Powered by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. Its neural engine recognizes, understands and reacts to the environment in real-time, identifying not only people but also a diversity of background objects.
  • With embedded microphones.
  • Works with accurate automation capabilities.
  • 150-degree wide-angle view; adjusting automatically the angle when people move within the conference room. Perfect for video conferences with several participants.
  • Smoothly zooms in on participants and frames them―ensuring rich image quality.
  • It provides you meaningful data insights as it evaluates, measures and analyzes info related to meeting spaces usage.

AVer Cam540

  • It offers a 4K UHD video quality―accurate color―and 16x zoom with Pan/Tilt/Zoom.
  • Automatically frames everyone in your meeting room.
  • 86° wide field of view.
  • It provides backlight compensation as well as reducing image noise for improving light balance regardless of lighting conditions.
  • Collects and analyzes people-counting data for a better understanding of meeting-space usage.

AVer TR530

  • It provides a 1080p HD resolution with 60fps.
  • Ideal for lecture halls and larger venues thanks to its 30x optical zoom as well as its 12x digital zoom.
  • This camera supports dual-video streaming in pan, tilt, and zoom options for a better panoramic view.
  • 120° field of view and a wide-area tracking that perfectly captures the content on display.

Having a video conference camera in your meeting room is a must. According to a research report by Frost & Sullivan, it is forecast that 70 percent of video conferencing meetings will be held in huddle rooms by 2022. This only means that video conferencing solutions enable outstanding benefits to businesses, such as reducing travel costs, saving time, and increasing overall productivity.

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